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Hybrid Media Marketing

Joining Offline and Online Marketing to Drive Online Conversions

What Is Hybrid Media Marketing?

Hybrid Media Marketing uses placement in direct mail catalogs to drive traffic to your website in a way that is affordable for small businesses. 

Consumers who receive catalogs are more likely to become multi-buyers online, accounting for 15% more transactions, and will spend on average 16% more than customers who did not receive catalogs.
- U.S. Postal Service study

Traditionally, the $60,000+ price tag of producing and mailing a direct mail catalog has kept small business out of the catalog game. 

Our direct mail catalogs allow you to pay to position your products in a professionally designed catalog that reaches 50,000 potential customers every 3 months. 

Most importantly, our catalogs are designed to drive catalog customers to your website to buy where you can then cross sell and up sell products on your website.

Why Catalog Marketing?

Print catalogs and the internet have an important symbiotic relationship.

Print catalog mailings are perhaps the biggest factor in generating online customer orders for retailers.
- U.S. Postal Service study

Are you losing sales by not combining your online efforts with direct mail marketing?

For years, companies like L.L. Bean and Lillian Vernon have generated billions of dollars in sales through direct mail catalogs.  Today, these successful retailers still rely on direct mail catalogs for one reason; direct mail catalogs are powerful sales generators.

Product Placement Costs

Our catalogs are developed for niche industries so that you get the most out of your marketing dollars. 

These beautiful catalogs are printed on the highest quality of paper using the most effective catalog printing methods and are professionally designed for artistic appeal.

Catalog size is 6 inches wide by 11 inches tall and each page can showcase between 3 and 5 products. 

We mail catalogs every 3 months to a highly researched target audience of 50,000 US addresses.

Price per full page (3-5 products):  $1,895
Cost per page impression: $0.04
Cost per impression per product: $0.008
Equivalent to $631 per month

Price for two-thirds page (2-3 products): $1,375
Cost per page impression: $0.03
Cost per impression per product: $0.009
Equivalent to $458 per month

Price for one-third page (1 product): $785
Cost per page impression: $0.02
Cost per impression per product: $0.02
Equivalent to $261 per month

Position Your Product for Increased Sales

Contact us today at 888-451-4213 or chat with a live representative now to learn more about positioning your product in our lucrative direct mail catalogs.


Catalog Marketing

Analyzing Cost Effectiveness

Deciding to publish your products in a direct mail catalog will depend on whether or not you stand to earn more in profits than the cost of advertising.

Is Your Product a Fit?

We produce two catalogs that cater to two specific target audiences: women with children or grandchildren, and men with a household income of $75,000 or above.

Catalog Specs

We don’t cut costs when it comes to catalog design, print quality, or the quality of our mailing lists.

High Impact Product Images

High quality photos sell products.  Provide your high quality, print ready images or have our design partner G2 Catalog Design create stunning images of your featured products for $25.

Partner Program

Hybrid Media Marketing offers SEO’s, marketing agencies, and PPC specialists a way to increase sales for their clients while adding a profitable service to their list of offerings.

A Solution Born From Necessity

Hybrid Media Marketing evolved as a solution to the problems we as search engine marketers faced when promoting our client’s products online. 

Live Support


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